Tired Of Broken Wood Pallets On Your Commercial Property? Invest In Durable Smart Pallets Instead

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Tired Of Broken Wood Pallets On Your Commercial Property? Invest In Durable Smart Pallets Instead

16 November 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you are tired of dealing with broken pallets and wood pallets that bend, crack, and splinter, it's time to investigate smart pallets for your commercial needs. Smart pallets are a benefit for those that want reliable and high-quality pallets that they won't have to toss or replace regularly.

As a business owner, it's important to be efficient with spending and to have the durable items needed, and smart pallets are ideal for your storing and stacking. You don't want to have piles of broken pallets that are an eyesore or a full dumpster and have to endure long waits to get new pallets. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Long-Lasting Investment

The smart pallet is designed to last longer than the traditional pallet that is just composed of wood. The smart pallet is constructed to be:

  • Waterproof to avoid damages from exposure to moisture like humidity or rain
  • Fireproof for improved safety
  • Durable to avoid damages and replacement needs
  • Easy to clean if needed

When you are purchasing items around your warehouse you want to pick items that are going to give you a return on your investment and be long-lasting. Ask the manufacturer about the warranty that is included with the purchase of the pallets.

Ecologically Responsible Item

When you are purchasing items that are used with recycled materials, and the items will be long lasting, you are helping to reduce waste and to keep items out of landfills. Smart pallets that are used with recycled wood, then covered in a polymer coating that is created with recycled rubber allow these materials to get more use, and a longer-lasting pallet provides less trash.

Bulk Ordering Cost Savings

Order the smart pallets in bulk to lower the cost per unit, and to get all the pallets that you need in one shipment. Call around to the different manufacturers to compare the bulk cost, the shipping details, and to compare the warranty options on the units.

The smart pallets can easily be cleaned off if they get dusty, they are going to be fire-resistant instead of highly flammable like wood, and your staff is going to be able to move them around without fear of cracks or splits. If you are stacking heavy items inside and outside of the building and you need a higher quality product, smart pallets are the option to invest in.

For more information on smart pallets, contact a company like PALIoT Solutions.