Tips When Replacing Wire Mesh On A Rocking Sifter

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Tips When Replacing Wire Mesh On A Rocking Sifter

31 March 2021
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Rocking sifters are instrumental for the archeology industry, where rare items and materials are found below the surface. Sometimes these sifters need to have their wire mesh replaced. If you're about to perform this replacement, these tips can help you have an easier time.

Take Into Account Sifter Size

Your sifter has a particular size. It could be small, medium, or large. You want to assess this aspect of your rocking sifter before looking for replacement wire mesh because then you'll find a compatible option.

Larger rocking sifters will require larger wire mesh that is more durable to hold up to the sifting action it's put through. Whereas if you have a small and compact rocking sifter, a smaller wire mess will suffice. Perform these assessments until you're comfortable about which mesh option to go with as a replacement.

Have Mesh Pre-Cut

You can probably cut the wire mesh yourself to get it into position on your rocking sifter, but you may not want to work this hard. Or you may be worried about cutting incorrectly and then wasting the wire mesh you just ordered. Either way, pre-cut wire mesh is available to purchase when replacing the current wire mesh on your rocking sifter.

You'll just need to make sure you get the dimensions right so that you're able to cover the rocking sifter appropriately. Pre-cut options save you this additional work and keep you from having to purchase specialized cutting tools that wire mesh requires because it is so durable.

Make Sure Your Provider Has a Thorough Selection Process

When you go to look for a provider of replacement wire mesh for your rocking sifter, you want to make sure they have a thorough selection process. Then you'll know your wire mesh materials were thoroughly screened.

You want to be sure that the provider carefully examined their materials and found the best quality of wire mesh to send your way. You can then avoid issues like structural problems or defects being present. Also, a provider that takes time to perform these inspections is truly committed to helping you come out of this wire mesh selection process satisfied.

If you use a rocking sifter over and over, its wire mesh is naturally going to break down. If the damage is so bad that you have to find a replacement, take your time looking at available wire mesh products from providers of custom woven wire mesh.