Different Types Of Engineering And Engineering Services: What You Can Get For Your Dollar

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Different Types Of Engineering And Engineering Services: What You Can Get For Your Dollar

27 July 2018
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Engineering services is a pretty broad advertisement. After all, there are different types of engineering, and therefore different types of engineering services. If you are not sure what you need, or which type of engineering and related services can help you, use the guide below.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering addresses the safety and weight-bearing strength of structures. These engineers calculate whether or not a structure can be created according to a design provided, and how to make the structural integrity of said structure safe without changing the design too much. So, for example, say that you wanted to create a dome-shaped amphitheater. A structural engineer can tell you how big you can build it before the structure collapses and fails, and how to build it so that it never collapses. Then this engineer can provide you with construction plans that will tell your contractor how to build the amphitheater.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering looks at how things work (or, do not work). These engineers look for ways to improve the functionality and design of all things with moving parts. They are the ones that resolve movement issues and fix movement problems.

They may also provide ways to repair something that does not appear to be moving effectively. If you needed a robotic arm with tool attachments to add to your assembly line, you would hire a mechanical engineer to design the device with the specifications you provide. The mechanical engineer would build and test a prototype in his/her lab and then provide you with the final prototype to make sure it works in your assembly line. 

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers obviously work with electricity and electrical components and design. When you need your robotic arm or your amphitheater wired for electricity to light up and/or work properly, you hire the electrical engineer to create all of the wiring design and hand off plans to commercial electricians, mechanical engineers, or factories that will build components for assembly. A multitude of other services, such as checking for arcs and sparks, electrical safety training, and project management services for electrical projects are also provided by electrical engineers.

Talk to Engineers

Depending on what you hope to accomplish, you should talk to engineers. Each of the above types can bring his/her own unique expertise to the project. Who knows? You might need to hire all three types to partake in their exclusive services.

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