3 Question To Ask When Your Construction Project Will Have Metal Salvage

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3 Question To Ask When Your Construction Project Will Have Metal Salvage

25 April 2017
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If the time has finally come to make some major changes to your business or professional building that you know contains a lot of metal, it is important to make arrangements well in advance of that occurrence to safely store the salvaged metal from the project. Since the size and scope of projects like yours can vary much, it is a good idea to be aware of your options. Therefore, it will be quite useful to ask the following questions of any metal salvage yard with whom you might do business.

What Are Your Options For Containing The Scrap Metal On Your Property?

There are several different types of containers to choose from when you need to contain the heavy and often dangerous pieces of metal associated with construction. Three common examples include roll-off containers, dump trailers, and push out trailers. 

The type and amount of scrap metal your project results in will impact your choices, due to the fact that there are a number of different sizes to choose from. The frequency with which you will have the metal picked up will also play a role when choosing the right container, as well as the location where it will be stored. It is worth a few minutes of your time to speak with the scrap metal experts and clearly identify your needs in order to get the right unit. 

Does The Facility Accept And Recycle Both Types Of Metal?

It is often surprising to discover that there are two types of metal and each serves their own important function. For example, ferrous metal typically contains steel or iron and you might find it being used in a steel beam from the building that is being torn down. It was also a common material in older vehicles. 

In comparison, non-ferrous metal includes all of the other types of metal, including the foil you use in the kitchen and the cans of soda sitting in your refrigerator. If you want to continue recycling metal products when the construction job is complete, you might want to remember that you will usually make more money from non-ferrous scrap than you would with ferrous scrap. 

In conclusion, a metal salvage yard is responsible for breaking down and recycling as much metal as possible. In order to do so, they may buy or for pick-up scrap metal for free from both businesses and private citizens. When you will have some scrap metal from a construction project on a building that you own, asking the questions shared above of any scrap metal facility that you might choose to work with will be helpful.