Questions To Ask Before Contracting With A Custom Metal Fabrication Shop

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Questions To Ask Before Contracting With A Custom Metal Fabrication Shop

19 April 2017
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Not all machine shops off top notch work and have the ability to work within the deadlines of potential customers. As a result, you have to take the time to thoroughly vet your options so that you can find the shop that offers the finished products you need within the deadlines your business requires. When evaluating the shops in your area, these are some questions you should ask about each one. 

What Is the Scope of Work Offered by the Shop? 

Each shop has its own limitations and abilities that impact the work that it is available to offer to potential clients. One way you can quickly narrow down your options for a custom metal fabrication shop is to look at the services that each one offers.  

While assessing each shop, make note of the size of the work space. The work space dictates just how much business the shop can handle. If the shop is not large enough to handle your business and that of other customers comfortably, there could be significant delays in the work ordered.  

You also need to look at the designs that are available. Designing is not a service that is offered by every metal shop and if you need this service, you could be pushed to contracting with a designer separately. The costs of a project could significantly increase as a result.  

What Industries Has the Metal Shop Served? 

During your consultations with the metal shops, find out which industries each one has experience in working with. Various industries have different rules and regulations that must be followed. If a metal shop is not familiar with your industry, your project could be delayed as the workers learn about the standards.  

If you do decide to proceed with a metal shop that has not served your industry in the past, you could possibly provide the workers with the information needed to complete your order. However, in the future, if you have a tight deadline that needs to be met, the shop might not be able to handle your order.  

In addition to researching the shop's experience in various industries, you also need to look at the quality of work that it has performed. The shop should be able to provide you with references and examples of its work so that you can better evaluate it.  

Finding a custom metal fabrication shop can take time, but with research and asking the right questions, you can find one that works for your business needs. Check with places like Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating Inc. for more information.