Clear Waste Safely And Efficiently - Tips For Bulk Trash Disposal

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Clear Waste Safely And Efficiently - Tips For Bulk Trash Disposal

12 April 2017
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Whether you're undergoing a home remodel or simply doing your yearly spring cleaning, getting rid of bulk quantities of trash can be a more involved process than you were counting on. While it's absolutely essential to completing a project, it also relies on more knowledge and finesse than simply tossing your items toward the street and calling to schedule a pickup.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips you should follow in order to guarantee a successful bulk trash pickup that will allow you to get on with your life. Following these suggestions can help make sure your pickup goes as smoothly as possible, and can allow you to avoid delays as well as the uncomfortable feeling of having a trash pile in front of your property.

Keep An Eye On Clearance

Many trash pickup locations, especially in residential neighborhoods, can be a challenge for modern collection vehicles. For sake of efficiency, most allow the operator to pick up trash without ever leaving the cab of the truck. While it's easy to get people to correctly place their cans for this operation, bulk trash is trickier.

Make sure that you leave sufficient space between your disposal pile and any impediment, such as hydrants or utility poles. You should also take stacking into consideration, and do your best to form neat piles that will be less likely to topple into the impediments mentioned above.

Trim Yard Waste

One of the most common reasons that people schedule bulk trash pickup is to handle large quantities of yard waste. Cleared brush or removed trees can't be left to lie in a yard, but they also need to be properly handled before they can be removed.

Make sure to divide these items into smaller sections for easier removal. Keep in mind that awkwardly shaped tree limbs can still be incredibly strong, and if you struggle to move a limb, it's likely that your trash pickup service will have the same issues.

Organize Construction Debris

Heavy materials can generally be handled by your bulk trash pickup service, but it's important to make sure the loads are in balance. If you're disposing of a large amount of heavy construction materials, throwing it all into one awkward pile can create real challenges for your pickup service. Instead, take the time to organize it into smaller piles. Focus on even weight distribution. This will make your property more tidy in the interim, and will also go a long way toward smoothing out your pickup.

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