The Many Uses of Wire Mesh

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The Many Uses of Wire Mesh

28 September 2016
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Wire mesh can be used for medical purposes with building materials and as a deterrent for pests. In other words, it can hold things in place, provide support, and keep things out as well.

Wire mesh is essentially screen, but it is not just insect screen that is found in windows. Some varieties of wire mesh are composed of various metals, while others are made from synthetic materials according to their intended use. 

Wire mesh for medical use

Wire-mesh screens is used to provide support after hernia operations. The herniated area is repaired, but it is still very fragile after surgery, so a wire-mesh screen is placed over the affected area. The screen is left inside of the body, imperceptible but efficient in holding the repaired area in place until healing can be completed.

After healing has commenced, the screen gives additional support to the vulnerable area, minimizing the chances of a recurrence of the repaired hernia or the development of a separate hernia.

Wire mesh in building 

A stronger and less flexible type of wire mesh is used in the application of masonry work such as application or repair of stucco, the textured exterior coating that is made from mortar.

A layer of wire mesh is first attached to the wall of the structure, and then a layer of mortar mix is applied to the wire mesh until it hardens. The mortar mix is held in place because of the openings in the wire mesh. 

Additional layers of mortar mix are then applied as preceding layers dry. The final layer is textured in different ways to create multiple effects.

Although the wire mesh doesn't fully support the finished product, it is essential in the preliminary stage of the application.

Wire mesh as a deterrent

The most familiar use of wire mesh as a deterrent is window screen, which can keep pesky flies and mosquitoes from your home. While this type of screen is merely convenient in developed countries, it can actually save lives in tropical areas with mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria.

Thicker and stronger wire mesh is also used for larger pests. If you look on rooftop ducts, you will often see wire-mesh bird screen attached. This keeps birds, rats, and other pests out of ventilation systems.

Garden and house pests can also be deterred by wire-mesh fencing or simply by applying cut pieces of wire-mesh screen around openings in your home and garden fencing.